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About Us

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I am Anila Gopal, a semi self taught Cake Artist in Chennai. 

I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I did my graduation in I.T. Engineering and got a placement in Pune in an IT firm. I worked in Pune for 3.5 years and then moved to Bangalore. In Bangalore, I again worked in another IT company for 4 odd years before transitioning to being a Full Time Cake Artist.


I got introduced to the creative world of artistic cakes by watching the Extreme Cakes on TLC channel. I left my IT job in Pune and moved to Bangalore to be with my family so I could have access to the oven at home and practice my baking and dive in full time into this profession. But my mumma was a bit conservative and didn't think it was very wise of me to leave a high paying job and enter the business without even possessing the basic skills or knowledge about the industry. All I knew was how to bake a Carrot cake! 


With the support of my elder sister, who actually introduced me to the Extreme cakes show and with my savings from my previous job, I went for one week training in Basic Cream Decoration course with IBCABLR institute. I also started trying out recipes from books I had collected from few exhibitions. I had in the meantime also applied for another IT job in Bangalore and worked in IT for another 4 years, whilst learning and making cakes side by side. Later, I went part-time creating cakes for colleagues, friends of friends and so on.

I moved to Chennai in 2017 post my wedding. Thanks to my husband who encouraged and supported me, I made a decision to finally leave the high paying IT job and take a break and improve my skill sets so that I could dive into the cake making full-time. By mid of 2018, we officially started 'Annie's Cakes and Cookies' with FSSAI registration and started public promotions to reach the Chennai audience via social media. We named it after my mother, Annie,  we love the classic vintage ring it has.


Since then, we have been accepting orders actively via Instagram and Facebook pages and also through client recommendations and referrals.  


Last year, we were selected the finalist in the Indian Cake Awards - South India Rising Star category.

At Annie's our focus is to deliver quality home baked products, especially Artistic cakes. We constantly strive to ensure that the cakes are beautiful on the outside and equally tasty on the inside. 

As our motto, 'For the love of food and art', Annie's is where Cake meets Art.

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