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Art Collab & Inspo Gallery

Collaborations help me explore my artistic side and tap into my creativity. It allows me to experiment with new mediums, techniques and methods. I get to try out colours and designs that don’t generally work for celebratory cakes and there is so much independence to design, innovate and learn or discover something new.

Photo 03-03-21, 2 02 49 PM.jpg


Buttercream Buddha

This design is inspired by a painting I came across titled ‘Peace2’ by @preetkriti... 

The face is sculpted from buttercream, pillars and features and the brightly coloured lotuses from fondant. And to finish it, this one quote which struck a chord in me...

"If you want to fly, you must leave everything that weighs you down"...


Holi Face

Made her for my very first collab #holibakescollab2021 

hosted by the awesome twosome @thecakedress and


She’s sculpted from Buttercream! And the most fun part was throwing all those neon edible dusts.

Photo 31-03-21, 4 21 11 PM.jpg
Photo 05-10-21, 11 04 34 AM.jpg


A Dream View

Have you ever come across a yellow wall with a blue window with Bougainville growing along the sides of the wall while you are walking down a cobblestone street? 

Inspired by the Cinque Terre houses in Italy, I created her for the #standoffishbakes2021 hosted by @charrajf @caked_byshalee @thecakepaletteuk


The Swallows 

Swallows are a symbol of love, protection and joy. They also symbolize a happy life, fidelity and peace... More so why they make great wedding cake toppers..

The middle tier has some of the romantic verses from Romeo and Juliet and poetry by Emily Barrett Browning on "How do I Love thee... "

The bottom tier is inspired by this lovely painting i came across on Pinterest... and my canvas for this tier was a dark navy fondant.

Photo 01-07-20, 1 32 22 PM_edited_edited.jpg
Photo 02-05-20, 11 18 58 AM_edited_edited.jpg


Mother of Pearl

Inspired by the Mother of pearl... Bottom tier resembles the outer surface of the Oyster shell and an artistic take on the mother of pearl... Middle tier is inspired by the Tahitian carved black pearl and the top tier to resemble the insides of the Oyster... To top it all, an edible handmade Oyster. I absolutely love how it turned out!

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