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  • How to store the cake/cookies/cupcakes etc.?
    Cakes: The cakes we make do not contain any artificial preservatives and highly perishable if not stored properly. Cakes need to be refrigerated with the box it came in (atleast till cake cutting). The box should be kept closed while the cake is in the refrigerator. Take the cake from the refrigerator 45-60 mins prior to cake cutting and place it in a cool AC room. Let the cake rest in the box for a while before taking it out and placing it for cake cutting. This step is necessary if your cake contains any fondant elements on it, to avoid condensation and melting of fondant toppers and accents. Leftovers may be stored in airtight box and refrigerated. Cake tastes best when served at room temperature. Cupcakes: Same as above. Cookies: Cookies do not need refrigeration. They can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature. Cakepops/cakesickles/jars: Refrigeration is recommended. Brownies/Donuts : Brownies may/may not be refrigerated. Store them in a dry airtight container. Microwave for 5-10s before serving.
  • For how many days the products stay good?
    Cakes: Up to 3 days with refrigeration. Cupcakes: Up to 3 days with refrigeration. Cookies: Up to 2 weeks at room temperature. Brownies: Up to 5 days with refrigeration Cakepops/cakesickles/jar : Up to 3 days with refrigeration.
  • What is the cancellation policy? Will I get refund?
    Although we'd hate for you to cancel with us, if such a situation arises, you may be entitled to a refund ONLY IF we have not procured/purchased any personalized items for your order (e.g. cake toppers, cake stands, non-reusable decorative items), or if we have not started working on your order (which includes creating fondant figurines, flowers, baking, etc.) We will NOT issue a refund, if the order were to be cancelled within 36-24 hours prior to the date of delivery/pickup. We may apply cancellation charges and refund partial amount (subject to valuation of the work completed for your order) if the order were to be cancelled 48-72 hours prior to the date of delivery/pickup. We Do Not Accept Returns! The products we make and provide you are custom designed for your occasion and highly perishable. We will not accept return of products delivered to you as per your order summary under any circumstances. Refund will not be issued for the same.
  • How many days in advance should I place the order?
    Generally, we accept orders for customised cakes/cookies atleast 1-2 week prior to the date provided the date is available. This helps us plan and design cakes, block our calendar for you and provide you with the best possible result. For generic cake designs, orders need to be placed atleast 2 days in advance. We do not accept same/next day orders. We would recommend booking your dates at the earliest to avoid disappointments.
  • What is the minimum quantity that I can order?
    For customised cake orders, minimum quantity to order is 1kg. For generic cake orders, minimum quantity to order is 500 gm (half kg). For cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pops, cakesickles, minimum quantity to order is 6 nos.
  • Can I block the date and confirm the cake design later?
    Yes you may, but we do not guarantee availability at a later date if it is not paid for, as the orders are confirmed only on payment of the partial/full amount and on first come, first payment basis.
  • Can we visit your store and have a taster before we make a choice?
    We do not have a store front yet. Ours is a small home based business. Hence we don't accept visitations. As much as we'd have loved for you to try all our flavours so that you can make a sound choice for your cakes and goodies, currently we do not offer exclusive tasting service as all our orders are made to order. As a result, all the flavours that we offer on our menu may not be available everyday. But please feel free to enquire on the availability of the flavour you'd like to try and if we have it upcoming on our schedule, we'd be happy to make some extra and send it over to you for nominal charges. Also, feel free to refer to our testimonials on our website and social media pages.
  • How do I place an order?
    You can reach us on our WhatsApp +91 9962277144 or the Contact Us tab on our website and send us the following details: Occasion: Birthday/Wedding/Engagement, etc. Date: Address /venue location: Delivery/pickup: Time of delivery/pickup: Cake quantity (in kg) with number of tiers: Flavour of the cake : You can check our Menu Tab or click this link - to select from the list of flavours we offer. Design requirements with reference images (if any) or you can browse our gallery based on the occasion and choose from our previously attempted designs. We would require a full/half payment upfront to reserve your booking. If an advance payment is made, you are required to make the payment or the remaining balance at least 1 day prior to your event.
  • How can I make the payment?
    Once you have received your order summary and price details, you can make the payment via gpay/paytm using either of the following: Phone number : 9962277144 UPI Id : anniescakes.cookies@okhdfcbank QR code: We would require a full/half payment upfront to reserve your booking. If an advance payment is made, you are required to make the payment or the remaining balance atleast 1 day prior to your event. We do not accept Card payments / Cash payments on delivery. Cash payment accepted only on self pick up.
  • How to store fondant figures?
    Fondant figures remain good for almost 6-8 months if stored properly. Keep fondant figures away from direct heat, humidity, moisture. Do not freeze or refrigerate the fondant figure. This may cause the figurine to melt and become sticky once it's taken out of the refrigerator. The best way to save fondant figurine is to keep it in an airtight or dry box(acrylic) away from dirt and moisture. You can even create resin mould for your fondant figures and preserve it for years as a decorative showpiece.
  • Do you provide delivery services?
    For cakes and cupcakes (15 or more), we provide delivery through a 3rd party delivery service company - The Paperstory. Delivery charges are applicable and are as per their tariffs. For dry goods like cookies/ brownies/ cakepops, you can book any of these pickup services - Swiggy genie/ Wefast/ Porter Self pick-up is also an option we provide.
  • How do I know if my order is confirmed/booked ?
    We would require a full/half payment upfront to reserve your booking. If an advance payment is made, you are required to make the payment or the remaining balance atleast 1 day prior to your event.
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